Color Me Rad 5k, Hartford

(This post is transferred from my other blog, I’m working on merging them!)

I did in fact sign up for and run in the Color Me Rad 5k in Hartford yesterday! None of my running friends were able to make it, unfortunately, but that didn’t keep me away from such a fun opportunity. And luckily, I have some pretty cool parents who decided to participate as well and walk the 5k, meeting up with me at the finish line.

When we got to Rentschler Field, the stadium where the Uconn Huskies play football, the entire parking lot was nearly filled. Thousands of people had turned up to run/walk in the 5k, of all ages. I saw families, younger children, teens, and a few 60+ participants! I saw some particularly brave (or ballsy) men in Speedos in my heat, their race bibs attached to their asses (since there was no other fabric to pin it to!). I can’t imagine they were too comfortable, but they were definitely spirited. Characters like that really make for exciting races that are more than just running 3.2 miles.

As our heat was announced, the first bout of color (dyed corn starch, hypo-allergenic and mostly washing friendly!) was thrown at us and we were off towards the back of the stadium. There was a color station as we reached each kilometer marker, and soon I was being sprayed by jets of green, yellow, blue, pink, and orange. It was all over my face, my shirt, my arms, and my back. At the end of the race, we were given extra color packets to be thrown everywhere! The course was mostly on loose gravel, which was especially hard on my bad knee–I knew I’d be paying for it later on (I’ve been icing it since then). Even so, the rainbow fun was totally worth it. I made it to the finish line with an extra burst of speed, looking to get a fierce photo finish which I’ll be sure to add in as soon as it’s published on the race website. But for now, I’ve included a few shots we managed to snap post-race!




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