My Rambling Thoughts While doing H.I.I.T Legs/Butt Day

So recently (and by recently I mean like, yesterday) decided I might try H.I.I.T, or High Intensity Interval Training, which is this new craze which is basically supposed to challenge you for short bursts of time with short breaks in between lasting for only about 20 minutes. Sounds pretty good, eh? I thought so too. Well, here’s what was going through my head when I was doing it:

1. Where the hell am I gonna be able to do burpees and all these weird squat jumps and not look actually insane?

2. Not to mention, I’m just going to look stupid, because I can’t actually do a burpee the right way

3. What’s a burpee again? I think I did that once for soccer practice but I’m definitely blocking it from my mind because it was so awful

4. Oh yeah this thing: 

(Wait, I still didn’t even do it right now that I’m thinking about it)

5. How am I gonna time this while I’m doing this, god I’m such a spaz, I can’t hold my phone and jump and watch the clock and breathe and function and not puke oh lord

6. Okay well I guess I should start now

7. Jogging to warm up hurts, I have a huge blister on my foot that I got because I ran without socks, that was a really bad choice, note to self, never do that again

8. High knees are easy, but now this makes me think of the girl walking out of the locker room and how she probably thinks I look ridiculous

9. Jumping jacks, I haven’t done these in a while; pretty sure I still do them wrong even though it’s the first thing you learn in like middle school gym class

10. Alright, time to start the first set, let’s do some squats, yeah feel the burn, I’m gonna have a super nice ass, my boyfriend’s gonna like this

11. 10 second break, more squats, yeah, I got this; move onto the calf raises, I do these for stretches, I EAT THEM FOR BREAKFAST LET’S GO

12. Calves hurting just a bit, yep, that’s some pain

13. I HAVE TO REPEAT THIS SHIT?! Squats less fun, burning more than I’d like to be burned, feelin like Frodo approachin Morodor 

14. A whole minute break, sweat deal man, yeah, okay, “active recovery”, what does that mean, I guess I’ll stroll around a bit

15. Alright, set number two, burpees and tuck jumps, let’s go

16. There’s no way I can time this I’m just gonna guess


18. Repeat 17 for about the next few minutes

19. You’ve got to be kidding me I have to do those again

20. Guy walks buy and comments “workin’ hard, I like it”; I become creeped out

21. Motivated to go faster so that no one else will make similar comments


23. Jump squats, I’m not jumping very high am I, hmm, oh well, at least my feet are leaving the ground; wall sits WOOH yeah ouch now I need to push myself off this wall to get up

24. My breathing sure sounds like a lawn mower right now

25. DONE oh wait just kidding I have to do more jogging and high knees and jumping jacks

26. If I was considering working out more after this I was actually insane

27. My legs hurt more than they do after soccer this is weird I’ve never felt like that before

28. DONE


And that was one day of it. So, overall, H.I.I.T does exactly what it claims to. It definitely kicked my ass, and I can see how it delivers results. I’m just looking forward to when I look and feel less pathetic doing the motions. I feel like mastering the individual steps is the key. I’ll let ya know when I’m a burpee expert. AKA never. Don’t wait up on that one.

Happy work-outs!

Have you tried any new routines lately? Anything you felt a special yin towards? I like trying new things, I get bored easily. (: 



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