Wrap it All Up: The Story Behind “Body Wraps” and “It Works!” Products

Hey everyone!

As I may have posted before, I’m a part of an organization called “Sweat Pink Ambassadors”, which is essentially a big group of women who encourage each other to stay fit and healthy through a lot of different ways–many of us who write blogs and share their experiences with whoever happens to read what we write. Recently, I was put in touch with a representative for “It Works!” , which is a company that boasts the detoxifying powers of body wraps (I had no idea what this was) and other pills, supplements, and generally mysterious health products like this. As the kind of person who basically takes a few Ibuprofen and chugs a gallon of water to solve everything, I’ve never been very familiar with the world of these products–and I thought it would give me a chance to research them and give them a try myself. After chatting with the kind and lovely Erin Walker, discovering that we both had the names of each others’ respective siblings (two Erin and Jenna’s, who knew!), I was ready to receive my sample body wrap and try it out.

First, I did a little research into the science behind body wraps and found an article from the Seattle Times called “The Rap on Wraps” which began to answer a few of my questions. According to the article, the wrap aims to ” ‘detoxify’ the body or skin through an osmosis-like process that ‘draws out’ toxins”, including those from stress, the environment, food, and other sources. A quote from Michelle Wilson of Body Wraps of Texas states that the weight loss wraps “use bandages soaked in a highly concentrated solution of minerals and electrolytes in purified water”. The article stresses the idea that the wraps are essentially hardly to clearly define, meaning that they extend towards the sides of aestheticism and beauty but also wellness and health–which are two important factors to women these days. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, no major studies have been done on these wraps yet (they seem pretty new age), but there have been no reports of serious problems occurring while using them. Though the risk of dehydration and overheating are possible, it seems that they’ve posed no real threat to users of the body wraps. It’s unclear just how long the “real” results of the body wrap last, considering the idea that actual cellulite may not be able to be drawn out through herbs. But then again, maybe it can. There will have to be extensive research done before anything can be decisively said.

So, onto my experience with “It Works!” Body Wraps: I received a cute little letter in the mail with my handwritten name and address on it and excitedly opened it. A little black and green package along with a few brochures were enclosed. I read the instructions, ripped open the package, and awkwardly tried to fit the wrap around my body. The material felt like a snake skin almost, with the slickness of caution tape coated in lotion that smelled a bit like my Icy Hot Wraps. Though I’m not a huge fan of that smell, it reminds me of something that works: so that was encouraging. The large piece of material fit over my abs and stomach and around my hips. Though I’m 21 and don’t feel the pangs of aging or stretch marks yet, I was wondering just what the wrap could do to a young person to get rid of the marks of stress and junk food consumption. I sat carefully with the wrap around me, watching TV for a while, waiting for it to work. The experience of wearing it was kind of a unique one: it was like I was being tightened and lengthened, rubbed with pungent herbs, and heated up. I felt myself having better posture so as not to mess it up (which could be a secret side-effect brilliantly planned by the packagers). By the time I’d had it on for an hour, I was ready to rub in the excess lotion and see how I felt. Looking at myself in the mirror, there might have been a bit of a placebo–but I definitely felt a new tightness and a freshness that one might feel after a massage. It wasn’t necessarily what I was expecting, but the idea of the “detox” was definitely starting to make sense. Anything I can do to support a homeopathic, herbal, earthy remedy–I’ll do. Though I definitely still feel a little “in the dark” about what wraps are and how they might advance in the future, I think that they’re a relaxing, healthy way to sweat out those demons for a few days. Hopefully these things are a little less mysterious for my readers!

Thanks for checking out my post on It Works! Products. They also offer a ton of other stuff like supplements, skin care, nutrition, and weight loss programs, so I’d recommend giving it the old college try (as I always do). And thanks Erin for the sample! It was a fun experience! Look forward to more posts from me soon!

Jenna ❤

Also, here’s Erin’s deetz:

Erin Walker, It Works! Independent Distributor



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