Adventure Author Advertising

Hey everyone!
I’m typing up a quick post to share with everybody a couple new aspects to my blog! I’m going to start trying to be a real person and offer cool giveaways and rewards and stuff for those of you that actually read what I say. Who knows, you might get a few cool deals out of reading along. So here’s what’s up:

1. I’m a Brand New Sweat Pink Ambassador! Now, what does that mean? It’s a program under fit approach, a healthy living community, in which awesome women who enjoy a pair of hiking boots and a pair of good heels, a kayaking skirt and a little black skirt, come together. It’s a program you apply to and then get benefits from, which means that I’m gonna get a lot more opportunities to share cool deals and giveaways with my readers. And hopefully I can pull a few sweat pink ladies over to my site! I’m really excited for the opportunity and all the community represents, and hope I can start to get more involved.
Here’s some links:

SPA1 SPambassador4
2. I also just became a member of The Clymb, a discount outdoors website (like really discount, huge sales!). You need a personal invite to join, which, luckily, I have! You can get all kinds of gear, clothes, and fitness stuff. You should really join (using my personal invite) because it would make me happy and seem like I’m actually doing something. I’m also working to try to get a Gear Trade (used outdoors gear site) link up on my page. <—-HERE’S MY INVITE! CLICK IT! BUY THINGS!


I guess that’s about all for now, though I’ll have a lot to report on soon. I’m going for a hike tomorrow, so I’ll probably write a quick post about that! Thanks for reading, as always (:




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