The Olympics, London 2012: Why I’m Obsessed and Why You Should be too

Okay, so I’m not participating in the Olympics myself, obviously. I’m not on the US Women’s Soccer Team like I dreamed when I was 12 and those synchronized dives and gymnastics routines blow me out of the water by a million (and some of those girls are like 15…). But that’s exactly why I absolutely love the Olympics. They’re a testament to some of the most amazing people on the globe, all coming together in the spirit of peaceful competition. And I can’t get enough of them.


Some people kind of laugh at me when I tell them that I probably spent about 6 hours watching the Olympic games on Saturday night. I watched the crazy opening ceremonies in London (cheered for J.K Rowling, got confused at Mr. Bean and the giant baby). Oh, and did you see how fabulous the Queen and her corgies were?! I tuned in immediately the next morning for US Women’s soccer victory against Columbia. Abby Wambach is such a bad-ass…she gets a right hook to the face (there’s gifs of it online everywhere), and instead of retaliating or demanding a red card, she SCORES GOALS. She couldn’t see out of one of her eyes, had to practically prop it open on field…and scores goals. She’s amazing. Also I met her. And Hope Solo. It’s okay, you can be jealous. So right out of the gate, the Olympics are fantastic for me.

(Oh yeah that was definitely “by accident”, Columbia.)

What I really love about the Olympics is how much they inspire not only intense hard work, beautiful athleticism, and dedication and honor for one’s country- they’re about the community of the world. I was saying to a friend yesterday that the Olympics are probably one of the only times that I celebrate the victory of almost every participant. Okay, usually I really want the US to win. But if we can’t, why shouldn’t that little country in West Africa kick some ass? Imagine what that’ll do for their country’s pride and nationalism? Can you even imagine how hard that athlete worked to pay for their journey to London, how hard they worked to be the best in the world? A single Olympic athlete represents so many people on so many different levels. Of course they represent that individual’s amazing athletic prowess and ability. They’re their families who have supported them all their lives, their coaches who believed in them and pushed them to be better, their towns and communities who saw them before they were famous and can celebrate them now, their friends, their country, the world. Okay sorry I just get really emotional about the Olympics.

Another few highlights of the games include Misty May Traenor and Kerri Walsh Jennings- the phenomenal duo of American women’s beach volleyball. They’ve literally never lost a single MATCH for every Olympic match they’ve participated in. Not even a set, which is best of 3 matches. They’ve never lost a match. The Australians put up a damn good fight, but these girls aren’t letting even one go. The final volley of the set was actually beautiful.

Also women’s volleyball is kicking ass and taking names, beating South Korea in their first competition. Lochte’s got a gold medal around his neck, and Phelps is another medal closer (2 more to go?) after the 400 men’s relay to being the most decorated Olympian in history. Our girls are dominating gymnastics (even with the unfortunate and terribly unfair rule that only two from a team can go to the all-around finals), and we took away the gold in shooting as well. Oh, and a Chinese man won a gold in swimming for the first time ever. Every time a record is broken or something happens for the first time, I get genuinely excited for whoever it is. Also Natalie Coughlin is damn awesome. Did you SEE that hair commercial? It’s actually not fair.

I’ll probably follow up this article with more highlights of the games and how I feel the London setting has had an effect. I’ll be watching for the next 15 days with intensity. Because I LOVE the Olympics. And you should too.

What’s your favorite event? Favorite athlete? 

Where do you wish the Olympics could be hosted? 

Comment and follow! You know you appreciate my ranting…


One response to “The Olympics, London 2012: Why I’m Obsessed and Why You Should be too

  1. you’ve loved the Olympics forever, it makes me happy! and I so very much agree with sentiments about peace and sport and dreams and pride and goals and and and loveeee.

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