Rebel Race: Monkton, Maryland

Yesterday was a record 110 degree day in Baltimore, and of course my friends and I were crazy enough to run a 5k adventure race right through the middle of the heat wave. It was so hot we almost though the race might be cancelled, but we weren’t left hanging: thousands of racers still populated the course when we were gearing up to run in the last heat (ha, see what I did there?). I think we all drank about 18 cups of water yesterday, and we definitely needed it. So we survived the heat (by drinking lots of water, taking it slow, and wearing light clothing), but how was the race itself?

Rebel Race is an adventure race similar to the Warrior Dash, but definitely with its own unique flair and personally I felt it was a little more challenging at times (of course that could be thanks to me heaving from inhaling record breaking hot air). When we arrived in Monkton, we picked up our gear and registered, feeling lucky that we’d bought a Groupon and saved over 30 dollars on the cost of the race. And of course everybody wants to know about the swag we got:

1. Rebel Race T-shirt

2.Drawstring bag

3.Free beer token

4.Finisher’s medal/dogtag

I especially like the bag and the dogtag, which are unique race items you might not see elsewhere.

The course itself started off with a sprint, and we took off 30 minutes behind the 15kers (who are actually certifiable for running that much in the heat we had). One of my friends took off immediately, leaving two of us to go at our more leisurely pace. Since I was suffering from my knee injury, lack of training, and extreme heat- I had no problems with this plan. The beginning of the race was loaded with obstacles, including climbing over logs and walls and cargo nets, crawling through mud pits, swimming through muddy water, crawling through drain pipes, and leaping over fire. The obstacles were all pretty fun, and helped us catch our breath. The time we got to spend in the woods was definitely the best with the cover of shade. Of course we were carrying around about an extra 20 lbs of mud on our clothes and shoes. (Trust me, it was at least that much.)

As we finished, we got our Finisher’s medals and took some muddy pictures. The before and after shots are pretty entertaining:



Our clothes were not even close to the same color. 

After the race, we hosed ourselves off and went for Vietnamese and stuffed our faces. And then it was time for cleaning. Getting all that mud out of your clothes and shoes is VERY difficult. I think I spent about an hour in the shower trying to wring them out. That’s why you should probably NOT wear your favorite shirt, unless you’re willing to spend a lot of time rescuing it afterwards. Also, we’ve been finding new cuts and bruises all over us. But we adventure racers love it anyway! And I have a new race bib to add to my collection (:.

Have your run a rebel race? Would you want to?

How do you survive the heat when you’re training?! 


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