Venturing into the World of Group Fitness Classes: Is It for Me?

So I’ve arrived back on my campus in Baltimore and I’ve got a decent amount of free time when I won’t be working. Which leaves a lot of time for working out! Unfortunately the city atmosphere plus being farther South makes me feel like I’ve waded into a swamp-land of heat and humidity. Standing outside leaves me sweating. So I’m looking to explore some new territory, including: the group fitness class.


Now I’ve worked at the gym for a long time and I know what the fitness classes sound like. I’ve waited outside many a class and checked fitness passes and chatted with the instructors. But I’ve only been to one or two of them ever. I always felt like I preferred working out solo,that the whole group thing would be weird and too specific, but then I tried spinning this past spring with a group of girls from my sorority. And it was a DAMN good work-out. So I’ve been inspired to try the fitness class craze, to go to spinning and yoga and kick-boxing. And maybe even Zumba. But that would take some convincing. Not so into the dancing thing.

I’ll have to post about some of my specific experiences, but I do personally know about some of the benefits of yoga and the other classes. You might not believe me but I was the president of the yoga club in high school, a position that doesn’t really sound like a real thing…but it was awesome! Yoga is a fantastic workout and really tones, strengthens, and lengthens your muscles. It’s a lot harder than some people think, especially depending on the style of yoga. I took my boyfriend to one of our yoga sessions in high school and he admitted that he had trouble! So you can’t turn your nose up at yoga. Traditional Hatha yoga is calmer and involves exaggerating stances, but Kundalini yoga pushes you to do positions fluidly in motion, and often quickly. The sun salutation is one of my favorites. It’s definitely challenging, and I’ve never felt more peaceful than coming out of a yoga class. Almost too peaceful, I might’ve fallen asleep once or twice during cool-down…But yoga really is important for mental and physical health. So I’ll have to see how much I like the yoga offered at Hopkins.

What really scares me are classes like Zumba and kickboxing. I went to kickboxing once and immediately drifted towards the back. I’m definitely rhythmically challenged, and it’s hard for me to keep up with steps. But I feel like if I get over my fear of embarrassment, I might really enjoy it…we’ll have to see!

Do you take fitness classes? What are your favorites? Does it motivate you to work out?

Do you dare me to try Zumba??? 

I’ll report back soon!


3 responses to “Venturing into the World of Group Fitness Classes: Is It for Me?

  1. Amber’s yoga classes are da best. Also, you should consider doing Bikram in Hamden. I used to run down there, take the class and then get lunch/coffee in the summer. And they have specials for your first month!

    • I love Amber! And that sounds like a great idea, I gotta check it out- only issue is the absurd amount of heat, it’s gonna be 110 tomorrow. Dun dun dun

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