Kayaking Wish List

As a paddler, I’ve definitely got a wish list of some gear I’d really love to personally own. Here’s a few things on it:

1. Carbon Fiber Paddle: Ever since my Dad and I went to an outdoors kayak gear festival sort of thing and I got to try the carbon fiber paddle, I’ve dreamed of owning my own. They’re the lightest paddles available, and they’re manufactured to be incredibly durable. They’re expensive, which is why I don’t have one yet, but on those long trips when your muscles are aching, this paddle would sure come in handy. Plus, they look pretty cool. Make sure you purchase your paddle according to your height and boat width. The taller you are and the wider the boat is, the longer paddle you’ll need. Tall people with wide boats should read for the 240 cm specimens, while the shorter version is 230cm-235cm. Paddles are also made of wood, fiberglass, plastic, and aluminum.


2. Neoprene Spray Skirt- I’ve never actually owned a spray skirt for my boat, because I don’t do too much whitewater (yet) or rough water, but they’re really nice to have especially when it’s a bit cold out or you’d just rather not get your clothes wet. And the neoprene material is top of the line and very water resistant.


3. A New Pair of Vibram Five Fingers: I love these shoes, and unfortunately mine got washed out to sea on my paddling trip in the Ten Thousand Islands off the coast of Florida. I was obviously heartbroken, and looked for hours for my poor shoes. Vibrams mirror the shape of your feet to try to get back to a barefoot running/walking/trail running/etc style. They are also great water shoes (they don’t get rocks or sand in them for the most part). They’re a little funny looking, but they really are fantastic. They’re made for all kinds of different outdoor sports. Except you probably won’t like the tan-line you get from them. It’s a tad awkward.


4. My Dream Boat: Lightweight and wooden, my dream boat glides across the water in its handcrafted beauty. It’s probably a little less practical unless you get one with a day hatch or some other modern tweaks. But they sure are beautiful. I’d especially love to build (or get my Uncle to help build) one myself and paint it with my artwork. That’s definitely a dream of mine.



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