Born in a Boat

Nature and nurture tend to go hand-in-hand in my case, as I’ve gotten my true love of the natural world and its exploration straight from my source-my parents! My Mom grew up in a family of nine, always ready to jump in the car and head to the next place–she’s the reason the Cape Cod bay is one of my second homes. My Dad always knew he wanted to be a marine biologist, and he’s been identifying the sea creatures in tide pools for me since I can remember. The two of them met in Florida, moved to Clear Water (in the Tampa Bay Area), and a few years later I was born. I was trained to love water before I could breathe! Since then, family vacations and day trips have naturally involved exploring. The state of Connecticut has provided us with some lovely sites for exploration, the state I’ve grown up in. We’re huge fans of kayaking, swimming, building snow forts, undiscovered beaches, finding islands to swim at before the authorities tell us to leave, camping, hiking, woodland creatures, and adventuring. I’ve taken these loves with me to college at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, and I naturally have a lot of stories to tell about adventures I’ve already been on, my outdoor knowledge and experience, and trips I plan to take in the future. Thanks for reading!


1. My Dad and I, a picture of my first broken bone–a hazard of an adventurous life.

2. A family vacation to Roaring Brook in Connecticut, one of our favorite spots!

3. Me in the water in Maine! Cold water has never phased me. My nick-name as a child was “Jenna-fish”.

4. My sister and I catching frogs in the rain!


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